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When it comes to your health, most people live their daily lives without much though into their health status. "If it isn't broken, you don't need to fix it" after all. Feelings of heaviness in your limbs is no exception and after a grueling day on your feet or after a good workout at the gym, it is natural for your muscles to be fatigued and feel heavy when you are trying to move them. Unfortunately, there are other organic causes of limb heaviness that are not associated with an excessive physical activity that could suggest you have something more alarming to worry about. 

One of the potential causes of arm heaviness could be because of an underlying problem with your nerves. There are numerous types of peripheral neuropathies that you may be at risk for.

Most of these conditions appear after your third decade of life when you feel invincible to health concerns. Multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis or nerve damage secondary to diabetes are all possible ways to damage your nerve so make sure you consult with your neurologist if you notice a string of bizarre symptoms because treatment options for these conditions are much more effective the sooner you can begin therapy. 

Another potential domain that you can notice heaviness in arms could be from side effects of medications that you may be taking. Numerous medications on the market in anti-psychotic medications, anti-depressants and antibiotics have the potential to cause nerve pain. Consult with your doctor if you notice these symptoms because there is a good chance that there is some alternative treatment available without the same side effect panel. [1]

Another cause of heaviness in your arms that is much harder to manage would be from chemotherapy treatments that you may be taking. Most combinations of chemotherapy are composed of drugs which also damage nerve tissue as a side effect. Because of their high level of effectiveness, these medications are considered to be the gold-standard of treatment and doctors have to weigh the possibility of survival compared to side effects that patients may not find comfortable, but can survive with. There are treatment agents that patients can use to try to reduce the inflammation that follows chemotherapy use to reduce their pain.

The last topic that has a chance to be quite common in the general population comes from something not related to your nerves at all. Sudden heaviness in your arms could also indicate that you have some type of problem with your circulation which could cause this strange sensation. Arm heaviness could suggest some type of clot that has lodged in your brachial artery to prevent blood from following. It could also indicate a problem with blood flow in another part of your body and this muscle heaviness could be because of a compensation the body has done in order to keep blood flowing to essential organs like your heart. Your brain is programmed to survive so if you are suffering from a heart attack, it is more advantageous for you to have blood redirected to your heart rather than your arm. This is why arm heaviness is one of the common signs of heart attack cases.

Make sure you meet with your family doctor to check to risk factors for ischemic heart disease so you can avoid this dangerous condition. [2]

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