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Intermittent fasting involves periods of eating and fasting. In this program, eating could involve anything from a low – carb meals to rich carb meals. They say this is really easy to follow, and healthy.

But, can we lose fat fast and have a fast metabolism at the same time with intermittent fasting?

Is it even possible? Because, as I know this is really hard to achieve. Almost impossible.

Most studies show that Intermittent fasting actually can improve fat loss, but of course, you need to restrict calories.

Tell me, do you know anything about this?

Please, let me know.

Thank you!


Hi there,

I also believe that this is really hard process. Maybe I am wrong, but based on my experience, first goes one, and then second thing. If you want to be near this process, I can give you a few suggestions.

  • downsize the caffeine, try to drink only one cup of coffee. After coffee, drink green tea. It is healthy, and has fat burning effect,
  • plan your meals for every day.
  • drink a lot of water. Water can also help you when you are hungry.
  • find some healthy recipes on the internet.

Maybe these tips will help you to lose fat and boost your metabolism.

Good luck!



Hello there,

of course, I also don’t expect to lose fat soon.

I did not know that I need to reduce the caffeine, I don’t even know how I will do that, because I am kind of addicted to coffee. I will try to change that.

Also, I know that eating six meals a day increases metabolism or weight loss. Of course, these meals need to be healthy. I really believe that intermittent fasting is the best way for fat loss, fast metabolism and healthy life.

Is food really best option to increase metabolism? Because, as we all know, metabolism is linked to weigh.

Thank you!