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Hi girls,

is there any woman who have tried intermittent fasting? To be honest, I started Intermittent fisting about a week ago. I want to lose weight and my plan is to burn body fat. One of the biggest things is that I realized that I am actually to control food cravings.

Before this, I used to be hungry all the time. Now, I have found that after three days I was not even so hungry as I used to! Sometimes, I eat my breakfast around 10 am, at my job!

But, still, I am so careful about tracking my calories. Yes, I still count them!

Have any of you tried this out?




yes, I have tried intermittent fasting in 2010. The biggest problem for me was because I was so hungry at the beginning. I was eating breakfast every day between 11 am and afternoon, and I was eating my dinner between 6 pm and 8 pm. I don't remember why I have quit this diet (probably I have found a new one to follow).

But, it has been easy for me then, I have to admit.

Here, I will tell you some tips that you need to follow:

Drink a lot of water,

Chew sugar - free gums,

Stay busy all day!

That is basically it!

Keep positive.