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Hello there,

intermittent fasting diet can’t work the same for every single person. But, it can be effective with positive results. After all, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to eat. So, I can also call it a cheap diet.

However, intermittent fasting could be very healthy no matter what. But, I still don’t know many examples who can tell me a positive thing about this diet. So, please let me know what can possibly happen after a year?

Can intermittent fasting become a lifestyle program? Will it work always?

Let me know what do you think?




I found some blog about intermittent fasting after a year. At the beginning it is hard, but after a year, everything is possible.

I found some tips. You can try to follow it.

  • The best diet for you is one that really works for you and for your body,
  • The biggest barrier in any diet is just your mind,
  • You can easily lose a weight,
  • You can also build muscles, if you want it,
  • Prepare to drink a lot of water,
  • You need to know what you are eating.

After a year, I bet you will see a result.

Good luck!