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Hi there,

I have a few questions about intermittent fasting with fast-5 diet.

I believe that intermittent fasting does not mean to stop eating entirely. It means reducing the amount you eat.

How to follow, do I follow this diet whole week, or just five days at week – from Monday to Friday? Should I count calories or not?

I have a book, but I can't find everything that I am looking for in it. Some advice from people who followed this diet would be great!

I think this program is simple, but I believe that is not easy to do at first.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!



Someone calls it 5:2 regime. That means that you eat normally five days at week and diet two days at week. And the best thing is – you DON'T need to count calories every time!

This can be a lot easier way that you may think. Intermittent fasting means extending the fasting period. There are some methods that you need to follow.

I think you can find those methods in your book. If you can't, you can find them online. Each method is different and has its own guidelines.

But, of course, always remember that this is not for everyone, and before you start with it, you need to visit your doctor.

Good luck!




I know that people describe this diet as sustainable, compatible and powerful. Thousands discovered how to take control over their weight.

Sure, I will try to find these methods and learn guidelines how to follow the main rules about this diet.

So, basically I should eat within five consecutive hours? That shouldn't be so hard, right?

I just want some diet that can help me to lose weight and maintain the loss.

I don’t lose anything If I try this one, right? I mean, I have tried almost all of them. Sometimes, losing weight seems so impossible to me!

But, I will keep up with my plans!