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Hi guys everything ok in here?

Where can I find the leangains intermittent fasting program or guide?  What are the benefits of intermittent fasting?

I think that a good diet program with nice menu can be better than the pills, but I don't see why I would not try with pills as well.

Anyone here have an IF program to share with me? Is there any difference between standard intermittent fasting pills and leangains? Anyone here was using it?

Do I need doctor prescription? Probably I do.

Do I need to go to the gym for better results?

Tell me what do you know about this.



Hi Darla,

I was also very interested in leangains intermittent fasting program. I have tried it as well. I have been on this diet and gym regime (you have to exercise if you want to see a good results) three years ago.  And I must say that I have reached my goal weight. I have lost over 25 kilograms. I was also losing body fat. I was eating up to 1.500 calories per day distributed into three meals; breakfast, dinner and lunch.

This is a very famous program because you lose your weight, body fat and you can actually gain muscles.  

If you want to use IF, you need to have a doctor's prescription.




DUH!!! go to their's site



Hi there,

can you tell me their site? Because I have found some sites, and I don't know which one is official.  To be honest, I am looking for some experience to hear from you as well.  I know I can find a lot of useful things online, but I want experiences from people! Here! Do you have any experience with leangains intermittent fasting program? It would be nice to share some with us.

Thanks for your advice Lilly, that is what I was thinking too.

So diet +gym combination – OK. I don't know how many training at the gym I can handle :)

Thanks for sharing these with me.