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I am not very satisfied with my shape. In the last six months I gained 30 pounds and I am not very proud of it. I constantly eat fast food and I am a cola addict. Yesterday I ripped my pants when I crouched quickly.

I am done with extra weight. I will find the way to lose pounds. The problem is I work 10 hours every day in an office and I have no physical activity. So jogging and gym can’t be my way to lose weight.

Yesterday I found this weight loss supplement Calotren on the Internet. I read that it is very good and it is stimulant free. Is that true?


Hello Aristotle40

Yes, it is true. Calotren is totally stimulant free weight loss supplement. That is good because stimulants like caffeine and ephedrine stimulate you body and make your metabolism faster. That can increase your heart rate and make you blood pressure higher.

Almost every other weight loss supplement contains at least one stimulant. There is one very good reason for it. Stimulants make your metabolism faster but also they are known as appetite suppressant.

So stimulants like caffeine and ephedrine, suppress your appetite and speed up your metabolism which results in a faster calories burning. That’s why companies put it in weight loss supplements.

But still, stimulants aren’t good for your body and that’s why calotren is one of the best supplements.



But, let me tell you something. Stimulants aren’t as bad as Aidan thinks. There are a big number of healthy herbs which contain some sort of stimulants. You see, there’s a big difference between artificial stimulant made in pharmacies and a natural one which some herbs contain.

For example, after you drink coffee you feel stronger. That’s because of caffeine in coffee.

Stimulant (especially natural one) has a lot benefits for human’s organism. It awakes you, improves your mood, makes your thoughts brighter and so on.

In summary, calotren is stimulant free and that’s good but stimulants aren’t as bad as you may think.