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Hello there,

what are the optimal meal plan set – ups for intermittent fasting? What rules do I need to follow and respect to work this out? I am working almost all day, and usually I do skip my breakfast, but I have time for my dinner and lunch. Sometimes, these meals are not fresh, they are frozen, but still, they are better alternatives than fast or fried food, am I right?

What about working out? I have a busy life so right now I can work out just on Saturday and Sunday. Is that ok or do I need to exercise more?




I found something very interesting on the internet about intermittent fasting and optimal meal plan. I wrote that in my notebook, and I am trying to stick to these rules every time I am using intermittent fasting.

I hope that this will help you as well.

Your biggest problem and barrier is your mind. Sometimes we convince ourselves that we are hungry. Wrong! It is easy to lose weight, but hard to keep slim. If you want, you can build your muscles, make an eating plan. You can lose weight and gain muscles if you want, but not at the same time. You MUST drink a lot of water every day; find a diet that works for you. 

Good luck on your journey!



What's up?

In almost every way, your body is the same as mine or everyone else's. But, you need to know that is also very different in some ways that really matters. You need to find a right diet for you. Maybe intermittent fasting is totally wrong for you and your body, but you think this is the easiest way for weight loss. It may be, but it is a dangerous way as well. Maybe your body will reject intermittent fasting, you will never know if you don't try it. You have to choose a diet that fits to you, your personality and your lifestyle. IF is NOT for everyone.

Keep that on your mind!