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hi dear,

i am 25 years old and i have two children 3 years and 6months old baby.

i have been experiencing these problems for more than a year now and those are:
extreme fatigue , blurred vision, weak knees, dizzinness, sometimes i go absent minded if i am doing a certain task and focusing on one thing even when i am driving and focusing on the road. left side body pain especially chest with short of breath plus arm feeling heavy and shaking espaecially my left hand sometimes i cant control the shaking. i have had these problems even througout my pregnancy. please help as i ve done so many tests and they all seemed ok. all the doctors have given me medecines for depression but i know that i am not depressed. can you advise me please i really need help i am tired it has been 18 months now.
THAnk you



I think I know just how you feel!

I have blurred vision, fatigue, body weakness and all the rest that you mentioned. My symptoms developed just after I had my second child at around the age of 28. I am now over 40 and still going strong. Can I ask if your symptoms get worse when you are stressed or have an elevated body temperature? Mine do!

Six years after the symptoms developed I was diagnosed with Multiple Schlerosis. It took a while and was only identified with a head scan.

I am not saying that this is what you have but it may be a good idea to eliminate the possibility.

Good luck!