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I recently had plastic surgery, (6 days ago) and ever since I have black spots and distorted vision, its not horrible but I can tell its there. Nobody has answers for me, I was wondering if anyone out there has had surgery (not on their eyes) and has experienced this..does it go away?


First of all you had a plastic surgery of what?
My mother had face lift but she hadn't experience the same symptoms as you do so I am not sure can I relate to you but I can try. Where you discussing about side effects with your surgeon? And has he ever mentioned that something like this could happen?

And how serious is your blurred vision? If it looks like it is going to past than I think there is no reason for you to be worried but maybe you should check with your surgeon just be rest assured. And if this isn't enough to you than visit your family doctor and check with him what does he think you should do.

Although I wasn't very helpful maybe you could share with us what was the cause of your blurred vision and what was the solution. I hope nothing serious. Thank you in advance.