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Hey everyone!
I just wanted to know what will enhance my natural beauty and how long it takes to achieve beautiful hair, skin, and nails.
1. What steps should I take to achieve beautiful hair? Is it good to massage Jojoba oil in scalp and is it good to apply organic products in the hair?
2. For skin, what steps should I take to appear glowing and without acne scars, I am african american with these scars
3. My nails do not grow at all, they are so thin, what should I do for that?




You can spend hundreds of dollars testing out the numerous products available on the market, many of which are supposedly intended for natural hair use. However, breaking the bank is really not necessary for a healthy, strong and shiny natural. You already have key ingredients in your own kitchen and bathroom!

Creating your own hair recipes not only saves money, but allows for a more intimate relationship with your hair -- you can gain a much better insight as to what your hair craves, prefers, or rejects with your at-home experiments.

Get creative! There are a few simple rules to follow:

* Don't mix too many things at once. Start out with simple recipes, say, mixing one main ingredient and adding a small amount of another. It's much easier to determine what worked and what didn't when your ingredients list is limited.

* Create two-ingredient mixes and try them until you find a mix that works well on your hair. If it's a "perfect" mix, continue using it! If it's a "pretty good" mix, retry the recipe with the same main ingredient then alter the secondary ingredient until you reach perfection. You may find you need to reverse the amounts used, making the main ingredient the secondary ingredient.

* If there is one particular ingredient you find most always works well on your hair, make it a staple for your hair recipes, adding it as a standard part of all your recipes.

* Alter the way you apply the mixes to your hair. Try dousing your hair with your Super Yogurt Surprise while your hair is drenching wet in the shower. Does it work well this way? Try another time by making it a bit more liquidy and spritz it on your dried hair with a spray bottle. Perhaps your hair responds better to this application.

* For ingredients, a general rule of thumb is if it's ok to ingest, it's probably ok to apply to your hair as well. Pureed fruit, honey, apple cider vinegar and many more items are great additions to homemade hair recipes.

* Take note of what works for you and how it worked. Some recipes may be better for clarifying while others make for great deep conditioners.

* Search and compare! If you're a little timid about applying egg whites to your hair, make use of resources available to you before doing so. Search the Internet for your particular ingredients. You just may find others who have tried the same type of recipe and enjoyed success or experienced a nightmare.

* Go beyond your kitchen! Many cities have well-stocked health food and natural stores with a huge selection of ingredients to boost your hair recipes. Experiment with essential oils (a few drops go a long way!), xanthum gum (a thickener, also known as xanthan), as well as conditioners and leave-ins you won't likely find at department stores and drug stores.

Remember, a recipe failure is a good thing. It lets you know what your hair simply does not respond to well. The worst likely thing that can happen with the use of your homemade products is the need to wash your hair again, so get creative!


Proper skin care, ie: skin protection, to proper shaving technique, will help you keep your skin youthful and healthy.

As we age, our skin gradually becomes thinner and eventually fine wrinkles appear. Under the skin, oil-producing glands are less active which leaves your skin drier. As the number of blood vessels in your skin decrease, your skin becomes more fragile, and you lose that "youthful color and glow".

Skin care includes avoiding the sun, washing properly, and applying moisturizer regularly. Those simple tasks can help you delay the natural aging process and prevent many skin problems. These simple skin-care habits will help you protect your skin to keep it healthy and glowing for years to come.

Again, a healthy diet healthy can be key to your skins appearance, adding fruits and raw vegetables can improve skins appearance in just a few weeks. There are many popular over the counter skin treatments that can aid in your overall appearance. Natural products such as "Neobiotic" reduce stretch marks and repair skin after pregnancy. Another natural skin care product, Dermatend removes moles, and warts without painful surgery.


You seem to think that your nails are not growing normally. What you may not know is that many factors determine nail growth, and each fingernail will grow at different rates. If your parents had bad nails, you may also have bad nails, and there is nothing you can so about it. Your health can also determine how fast the nail plate will grow, although the growth slows as we age.

People who use their hands a lot usually experience a faster growth rate. The thumbnail will grow about 1 1/2 inches per year, and the left thumb will usually grow faster than the right.

The index fingernail will grow the fastest, followed by the pointer and ring finger, which grow at almost the same rate. As a rule, the longer the finger, the faster the plate will grow.

Nails also grow faster in summer than in winter, and faster during pregnancy. After pregnancy, the rate drops back to normal. Age also effects the growth rate with nail growth peaking between 10 and 14 years and slowly declining after age 20.

Factors that slow nail growth include being immobilized or paralyzed, poor circulation, malnutrition, lactation, serious infections, psoriasis and certain medications. Some people erroneously believe that eating certain foods or using special creams, oils or lotions will increase the growth rate.

Although the nail plate requires certain nutrients for proper growth, there is very little evidence that eating any particular food will cause them to grow faster. Creams, oils and lotions are sometimes sold as 'growth accelerators', although these claims are false, misleading and illegal.

No cosmetic product may claim that it can alter or change any body function. These products and others are only for beautifying the nail plate, and only medical drugs can make such claims.

Zane Durant -- Health correspondent