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Hello, i'm a 14 year old female and I like to masturbate once or twice a week. I find the only way to get turned on is to watch porn. I enjoy masturbating to it but then when i orgasm I immediately feel depressed all of a sudden, is this normal ? and is there any way to stop this ? Thanks x


Hey :-D
Let me first say that its great that your in contact wit hyour sexual emotions. Now feeling guialty.. Many people have suffered from this before i can assure. It is normally because you feel like you are doing something wrong and it is a bad deed. But let me tell you that mastubating is not bad atall! it is a healthy and fun way to keep your bodys sexual tension to a low. Surveys from last year show tjhat over 70% of girls have mastubated before the age of 15. You one of many think about it that way :-D

if you need any help just ask and im sure we can get it sorted ;-)


See, this happens to me, too, but only when I watch porn. And I don't feel guilty-- it's something my family always taught me was okay, etc. I just feel depressed and mopey/angry afterwards. If you find out anything, please tell me!


If a female feels guilty or depressed after masturbation it could be that she
just feels lonely and needs a hand.

Many times after I masturbate I do feel guilty and angry too, My thoughts
about god, and my semen also the consequences of my sudden discomfort
is bugging me. Also that my hair is thinning, my eyes getting blurred at times
and some other freakish things that are happening to me.
I'm a virgin but I masturbate every day QID. In medical abbreviation, and
cant stop. So I guess I'll wack off till death.


I'm 51. I have been feeling extremely guilty about masturbations since i was 18. I'm always depressed about it. I'm always turned on though too........i have avoided doing it as much as I possibly can all these years. I'm very frustrated with my life. You can't imagine. In fact, I'm in a state of sexual guilt all the time, weather I masturbate or not.........i went without masturbation or even so much as look at a naked photo in a magazine....for 10 years, and i was still obsessed with guilt. I don't know why and I'm still searching for answers....i wish I could talk to someone about these things who has similar problems.


Well then Men,

Theres a big PROBLEM...Once you have figured out why masturbating makes you angry or depressed ( which by the way I cannot Totally relate too)...what are you going to do about it anyway?

Who do you know that has been able to say "I used to masturbate every day, and now...I have not for 3 months"? Not many.

My point is that if unless you understand what masturbation does to your BRAIN, you will have no chance in stopping.

If you can answer this questions of why do we do it, and so often, then you really will still have no chance of destroying the habit for longer than 3 weeks ( some cannot stop for over 3 days hey ).

I tried to stop for over 10 years, its a real monster to slay, but...guess what I SOLVED THE RIDDLE and I the simple steps I used have helped 100,000 plus guys break the habit.

So what changes can you expect when you stop masturbating every week, or every day?

Guess what! it makes a massive difference to your energy, peace, focus, relationships, sexual performance and satisfaction (for both of you)...I could go on. Did I mention it is fantastic to feel in control again!

I am so stoked to be free from the addiction...

You will never know if you are addicted until you try to stop...If you have not gone 10 days without masturbating...chances are you are in for a real shock when you try to stop.

If you want to take control and destroy the habit of porn, crazy thoughts, inappropriate desires, and masturbation, then drop me a line and I will help you out. You don't have to stay an angry or depressed person.

Peace to all the guys who are loving the habit still, enjoy it while you still believe your in control.

Have an awesome day!



Hi, my names nick .
Heres my situation, for the better part of my life (im 23) ive been mastrubating on weekly to daily basis without much of a stop everi mean there were a few breaks i guess here and there but generally always. I know as a teenager it caused me to become irritable and antisocial to a degree and i guess it sorta developed some of my character back then. But nowadays througout the years ive been morbidly depressed and pretty much lived my life in an unmotivated, mastrubation to mastrubation type cycle. Recently with a night shift job that contributed to body stress levels, virtually no excersize and a really bad psychological experience with overconcentration that cause a series of ongoing panick attacks and dissociative experiences
my panic attacks are gone and dissociation is moving off, but i notice its best when i feel good, which is still rare because after every mastrubation session, im always fatigued, exteremly depressed, unmotivated and have bad headaches.

I also notice if i dont mastrubate for at least 5 days, i have more people confidence and am not so shut in! I have better chemicals in my brain and life is more livable and enjoyable. I want to know, what are some more chemical-physical types of things you can do to recover happiness from mastrubation post trauma long term and short term.

I know excersize gives endophins, and occupying the mind raises serotonin levels maybe meditation would be useful too....


happy to be alive


Well Muffy watching porn to masturbate is ok but instead of enjoying the afterglow of your body returning to a normal state maybe you are just feeling bad because you are wishing you were actually making out with your lover. Try to imagine a lover who is actually doing those things to you that you do for yourself and keep him in your mind as you withdraw from your orgasm peacefully. Hopefully you can learn to enjoy the experience without the depression, sort of defeats part of the enjoyment of masturbation to begin with.


hey Ian

i have started doing it since i was 13.5 years ..i didnt even produced semen that time..

then later i got addicted to it i am almost 21...the feeling of guilt started when i became about 17 years old...i didnt used to feel bad before that..(when i was younger)

now that when i do it i feel so much guilty afterwards that i feel i am a shameless person i have got no life (i am single and virgin)

whenever i do it my whole day i ruined and this depression continues till next day...but then i again get aroused and i do it again..and same thing gets repeated..

i even controlled myself for about 6 monts about 1.5 year ago but it totally got failed..

please help me i want to end all of it....


hey what did you do in being successful giving up this desire?


What does masturbation do to people


Hello Mr Ian,

I've been trying to stop masturbation for 28 years but I didn't succeed.

I'm feeling very tired, exhausted.I have pain in the knees and legs.

I've spent a lot of money in herb like aswaghanda, shilajit, ginseg, butea superba, fo-ti, ecc. but I can't overcome my sexual exhaustion.

Can you help me?How can i quit masturbation for good?

Thank you and sorry for my bad English



Well You guys had a lot of Discussion on this topic.Some of the ways which I think would help you stop this bad habit are:

1) Try to eat less. 

2) The reason behind the feeling is Irregularity if you are regular in your work or you do things at appropriate time then you will not be able to get this feeling.

3) Another reason is that you stop going to toilet stopping your stools for hours etc. please keep away from these habits.

4) Try to avoid company of people who talk about sexual feelings etc.

5) Sometimes taking fast or not eating for a day or two can help you stop the feeling.

The reason of your feeling to masturbate is that when your body has energy more than the required it tries to divert your mind through masturbation;all you need is to utilize this energy.The best way is to exercise or meditation.Try to read good and spiritual books they will increase your spiritual level and increase your inner knowledge.

Furthermore, I suggest not to masturbate as in anyway masturbation decreases about 1.2 GB of Data from human body.

I hope what I replied may help someone to stop masturbation...May God be with Everyone !!Let everyone be blessed and god help you to remove your ignorance...




Masturbation when accompanied by pornographic indulgence constitutes mental adultery and fornication. Hence the latent feelings of guilt and mental/physical exhaustion. Humans have a conscience whether they like it or not and masturbation is basically having sex with oneself. Continued practice of masturbation opens the doors to demonic affliction (hence the reason that so many cannot stop after decades of masturbating). The only solution/cure for this is the Lord Jesus Christ. Begin with John 3:3 and John 3:16. Those who are truly desperate will take this advice. 1 John 1:9 is also helpful after John 3:3 has been implemented. This also has eternal consequences. Believe me, this is the only solution.



It's not healthy, if it was good and healthy you wouldn't feel guilt and shame for it, also it drains alot of your energy and makes you really lazy and gives you low self esteem, don't masturbate for a week and see how you feel, then compare it... There's a reason you don't feel good and nobody really does, because its bad