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after yet another argument with him after about 3 weeks of keeping my mouth shut the b.....d yet again flew at me, pushing me and grabbing my throat several times. yet again the neigbours called the police one came in the bedroom as i walked away and left him to it and one with him. i said nothing as usual but ive put up with more than enough of this pathetic excuse of a man now. my back is killing me and my face and even chest hurts where he flew at me

i want to get out of here but i have no job due to ill health, i  get family credit as we are in the uk, i have 5 dogs that will need to go with me aswell. the kids left home a few years ago, now heres my situation, in not reporting him to the police much as i hate him i just want out. the house is in both names so whatevers left will be split thats if the b.........d would do any jobs to get more money for it, which i doubt as hes married to his job, i prob would end up with about £50,000. not enough to buy anything, because of the dogs and him working all the hours god sends i cant leave them here, my family live some 30 miles away and moving in with them is out of the question. hence the reason ive stayed with the ass for so long. i know you cant live for your animals but my dogs are my family and i wont leave them behind. no chance he will move out unless this is sold we have been in seperate beds for the best part of two years. how the hell do i get out and away from this usless man. i thort about buying a caravan on a residential site but id prefer a small house, plus theres the how do i live with no job, im not registerd disabled or anything but with what ive got i can be fine then it flares up again. id like to live near my family again, but propertys even more expensive there. i desperately have been doing what jobs i can to get the house looking half descent for selling but theres loads to do to get the max for it its never ending, he doesn nothing much apart from work. ladies esp the ones in the uk as each country is different has anyone been in a simelar place to where im at, and did you get out and how. i feel like im locked in prison here and cant get out, im 41 and have wasted my life with this usless man but after last nigh i dont know how much more i can take. hes never sorry he just blames me for it. any advise would be great as i dont know what to do for the best x  


5 dogs or your mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Make the choice.