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Hey there everybody, I've just recently stopped smoking weed (whether I start up again or not I'm undecided at this point, but I'm still remaining vigilant and rather confident I won't start up again.).....BUT what I am sure of is not at one stage in those 8yrs was I or ever feel addicted to weed, I thought I was but then I realised I was just addicted to the nicotine in the ciggies I was spinning it with.
So, I quit ciggarettes no problem around a year ago after smoking those for 7, and yeah now that I think about it I was more anxious when I went without ciggarettes than without weed(something to think about). and just continued to spin my buds with leaf from there on out, and even just without the ciggarettes I already noticed a change in my want for weed. (We all know the difference between "needs" and "wants" dont we kids? YOU DONT NEED MARIJUANA! you're not out breaking into houses and cars to get money for it, you're not out there robbing people for it, you're not tearing down the walls for it, and if you are, be honest you're clearly addicted/into other illicit substances which I chose (thankfully) not to dabble in too much at all, but yeh really this threads not for you and I'd look elsewhere before reading on.)

I really dont know where the turning point was for me stopping... honestly I just dont feel like smoking anymore? And believe me I loved the sh*t, I mean really loved it. Any excuse was a good excuse to have a cone. Waking up for work, just before dinner, just before bed....any time was a good time. Though I'll admit I do live a healthier lifestyle compared to most of my other smoking buddies, I hold a decent job, regularly go to the gym, eat well, live a healthy social and family life, but yeh I suppose weeds been there most of the way too?

Ok when I origionally was going to first post this thread, believe me people it's something you wouldve been reading for the next 35-40mins, but I've decided to just summarise the whole thread down, as well yeh to be honest the last thread was slightly incriminating and just way too long =P

What I've absolutely loved reading on this forum is the amount of threads with people claiming to be "addicted" (and i use the term loosely just for the sake of the argument)to THC/weeed.
Now I know I'm no doctor...but to straighten out all you misinformed people out there, here's 3 simple questions to ask yourself:

1)- How often do you smoke?

I've read threads ranging from people who smoke everyday (needent concern yourself with this one) to those who smoke maybe once a day or even less(THIS IF FOR YOU! READ ON===>) if this is the case please you shouldn't even be asking yourself if you're "addicted" or asking "why am I feeling zoned out.....why does my head hurt?" pick up a book and study what you're putting in your body before asking! >< If you don't smoke all that're not addicted....your lungs arent going to explode and no you're not going to end up in a psych ward anytime soon, all I can say is if you didnt like it the first few times, just stay away from the stuff, don't be so weak and cave into peer preasure because if you do get into it this way, you're getting into it for ALL the wrong reasons. On the other hand, if you do like it, do abit of reading first and find out what you're getting yourself into and what to expect.

If you are an everyday smoker, go to next question.

2)- Do you spin your pot and don't smoke ciggarettes?

If yes, guess what? Congrats you're addicted to nicotine. And if you do smoke ciggarettes, quit those first....then try stopping weed. It's amazing how many people don't realise this, and just how easily they'll find dropping weed if they just drop the ciggies first.

If you don't spin you weed with those addictive bastard cancer sticks, follow on to 3.

3)- Just ask yourself right now "Do I really want to stop?"

Ok this is the question I asked myself in the car the other day driving back from a friends place, at the time I had my bong, weed and lighters with me in the car. And the answer I came up with was "Yeh f**k it why not?" and basically within afew seconds found myself throwing everything out the window. I'm still asking myself why did I do this?? I really don't care why I did it now, and I really am not sure if I'll ever smoke again? I may have afew cones over the weekend, just being honest. Other than that I really couldnt be bothered with it anymore? See how it goes aye I'll be sure to keep you all posted =).

I'm sure the owners of this website won't condone me saying this, but if you've just asked yourself "Do I really want to stop?" and if there was the slightest amount of doubt in your mind that you dont want to....then don't stop because just kidding yourself and those around you that you will, you just won't. I've asked myself if I want to stop weed afew times now, and really the first few times I asked myself....I gave myself an honest answer and we all know what that was up until recently.

For those that just simply asked themselves "Do I really want to stop?" and just threw everything they've only known for the last few years out the window.(yes you know what I'm talking about, your weed, your bong, your lighter, your mull-o-matic EVERYTHING.)
Congratulations, you've just taken the first step to refinding yourself and maybe getting abit more enjoyment out of life.

Thanks for reading.



if i were you, and i threw all my bongs and pipes ect. out the window, i would try and stop for good. IF i could live with myself. i am a 16 year old male who has been smoking only weed every day for about 7 months. i am on day two of trying to quit smoking weed and im starting to see my new withdrawals. i had a panic attack yesterday and got uncontrolably frusterated and ended up punching myslelf in the face a couple times. i know i must sound crazy but i cant control my withdrawals. i get cold sweats and then hot flashes on and off all day. and this is one of my mane causes of anxiety and frustration. i only slept 6 hours in the last two days, due to my worst withdrawal insamnia. i have also completely lost my apitite. this morning of day two i tried to eat a sandwich and i threw it all up about 20 min after i was finished eating it. im guessing this is just another stupid withdrawal. and as i sit hear now im asking myself if i should try and stop for good also. if i dont stop i will continue to waste aprox. 160 dollars a week, and i will probably not even graduate high school on time. but if i do stop i will have to try and tuff it out by going through these withdrawals that seem to be making me go mentaly insane. and if you seriously do not think people get addicted to weed your totally wrong. one week when my parents went to europe they left me with 200 dollars for 7 days. i spent 160 of it on weed the first day, and the rest on a really sweet pipe. then about 3 days later i found my self with no weed and in need for it. i tried to get money all that day. i even tried to sell my nintendo wii so i could buy weed. i ended up breaking into a green house i found behind this old house in the woods of oregon. i suspected that the people that lived in this house were about 50 years old and for some reason i had a feeling they were growing weed in their little green house. so later that night i snuck over to the green house at about 2 a.m and had to kick a whole in the side to get in ccause it was bolt locked. in fact i found a gallon bag of weed right away and took off with it. does that mean im addicted or am i fXXking crazY? probably both....


Definitely addicted, lol.


It's all in your head... You shouldn't be suffering from withdraw like that from weed...


That's not very fair. A lot of people are not aware that there's a 30% physical addiction rate to marijuana so it's not really productive to tell people what they should or shouldn't be suffering from. Does that make sense?


dont mean to sound rude when i say this, but your not very good with weed.
im 13 in year 9, and i started weed when i was in my early months of being 12. (Im born in june) im not addicted to weed and i have done weed every weekend from when i was 12, sometimes id ask to borrow money of my mum+dad during the week to get some.
I handle it and still havent had any attacks as serious as that, its high graded skunk and im bless? The biggest attack things i have ever had are my stories below.
You might be making yourself have a bad trip. you may not wanna listen to a 13year old, but thats your fault;P everytime before you do weed think positive, how fun its gonna be+sh*t.
i bunned sunday night with my mate and we was fine. but on monday we bunned and we both were really scared..we walked through town did what we did and we swear everywhere we went there was police. police riot vans/cars/walk-abouts everything. we went to the top of town (20mins walk from the train station we go to, to get home). and all the way back down, got on the train home, walked back to my mates and we still saw police following us. this made us really scared,and screwed up our whole night; we fell asleep at about 3pm to find my mates mum home trying to wake us up to say she was going work, we didnt have a clue when we went to sleep or anything. She went to work and left the lights off, we was practically crying from the darkness, we didnt wanna get up and was scared to move. We already some how had saucepans next to us which we dont remember how?
On tuesday i had a day off from skl, on wednesday i bunned after school, in my uniform so it stunk,and in a open area. I was with the same girl and i was sh**ting it cah there was a BP garage about2mins walk away,which we would have to walk past. the reason why i was sh**ting myself was coz fed always go there on their lunch break. After smoking it and being high, we had to walk pas 2 police man on their break, we was prangin it. the whole way back to my friends we were sh**ting it.
If your worried about doing it, you will always be from the bad trips you get.

I live in UK, london outskirts

Even tho its a late reply, it might help:D


ah no dude its not all in your head weed is physchologically addictive and some people are addicted way more than others. the problem is that the psychological withdrawal symptoms from weed can lead to physcal because of so much stress built up. I smoked weed every weekend and some weekdays for 2 months and after that i was constantly was thinking about it everyday, had trouble sleeping and was easily stressed out i guarantee if i smoked for 7 months everyday id prob be doing some of the sh*t ur doing but still i would control myself way more than that u must b crazy haha