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Iv been couging up nothing...and saliva for the pass couple days...ima constant smoker weed sometimes cigaretts..everytime i yarn or laydown ..i hav the erge to cough..but its only a little bit of saliva i. There that wont movee...i been coughing sl hard that ..i try not to because my chest ribs and back starts hurting and acheing everytime i blood no nothi g just saliva..and feeling a little tickle in the back of my throat..PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME...PLEASE I CANT SLEEP OR EAT ...I BRUSH My TEETH everytime i try to take a deep breath under my right chest cavity it hurts and ache..


Hello TifSab... you really should see a doctor as soon as possible.  It is not good that you cannot cough up anything.  You may have bronchitis or other respiratory problem.  If you are in pain like that, there is probably some infection going on inside you.  Are you having a fever or chills?  How are you breathing... shallow breaths? Do you have to try to sleep sitting up?  I hope you get to the doctor and have treatment as soon as possible. 

Has any of the forum readers had symptoms similar to this?  What did your doctor find it to be?