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For the past few days ive been having a slight burning sensation when i pee , but not like a hot poker type sensation. Today when i past urine there was a bit of blood in it ! . Ive recently been sufering with back pain and aches down my legs.
Ive had piles for a few months now but not constant so ive just used the usual gels .
Any ideas what all this could mean ? %-)


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it deffinatly sounds like you could be suffering from a urinary track infection (UTI) most likely in the bladder but due to the back pain it could be in the kidneys as well. have you had a fever at all ? . because it could be possible that you have a stone or two in there. either way you'll want to go the your doctor and get a urinalysis done. if its an infection he will put you on antibiotics. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE !))% OF THEM SO THE BACTERIA DON"T COME BACK RESISTAN TO THE ANTIBIOTIC :-) that would not be good

keep us posted and good luck