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For two days now it feels like a small piece of food or something is stuck on my tonsil. I've tried washing it down with water, gargling mouthwash, and hacking it up (gross i know). Nothing is getting rid of it and it's driving me absolutely insane. I have no other symptoms of an infection. Just a small tickling sensation and the feeling that something is just sitting on my tonsil. What in the world is it??


sounds like a tonsil stone to me!   You might be able to see it, if it's in front of your tonsil.  Shine a flashlight in your mouth while looking in the mirror.  I have HUGE ones, but they're not visible ~ my ENT found them in a CT scan.  They feel like something is poking my throat, and it's really become a problem.  I also have no other problems like tonsillitis or strep throat.  I'm having my tonsils taken out ~ can't get any decent sleep this way!