About a year and a half ago, I noticed that my inner/middle ears felt like they were breaking down, or there was a lot of fluid in them. Whenever I ran, jumped rope (or any other jerking action with my head, ex. bobbing and weaving as in boxing) It seemed as if something in my ears were loose, or there was fluid present. At the same time I noticed that my voice would sometimes "change" to that of someone with down syndrome when saying certain vowels or consonants (it would change, then go back to normal and repeat). I had to constantly pop my ears and clear my throat to get it under control, now it doesn't do that anymore. Here's the problem: About a week and a half after that, I noticed that whenever I smiled, my eyes (more-so the lower eyelids) would resemble someone with down syndrome-like features: my lower eyelids seem thick and kinda puffy (but not baggy and saggy like an elderly persons eyelids) And the inside corners of my eyes seem to slant down just a tad bit. And its still like this till this day. I believe it has to have something to do with my inner/middle ears at the time. I'm hoping someone out there knows what I'm talking about and can help me. I can hear fine and have no problems with hearing. I went to see an ENT two weeks ago and he prescribed me Claritin D, and some other nasal decongestant. Needless to say, that is not solving my problem. I tried to narrow down certain variables to find out what the problem was: I had orthodontic braces at the time and right before the ear situation happened the orthodontist tightened my bottom teeth very tight (with something called a power chain). AND at the same time I had just started wearing my helmet for football practice (and looking back, I would say that my helmet was pretty tight on my head, mainly forehead) Like i said, I'm hoping someone out there knows what I'm talking about and can help me. Thanks in advance