:? I am 62 and have been having a pain in my lower front left rib area, just under the bottom rib for about 2 years. My docs have been treating me for acid reflux and other stomach/colon issues. I recently had a bout of colitis for the first time. My current doc upon a follow up exam for the colitis noticed my back rib area was very sore and suggested that perhaps this chronic pain I have been having has nothing to do with stomach/colon issues but may be mechanical in nature involving the "Floating Ribs". He gave me a sheet of back stretching exercises and said exercise was the best method for relief. He said in some severe cases an injection of cortisone was helpful in pain control and healing of the area.

In the meantime, I have an appointment tommorrow with my Chiropractor and I will come back and post any info I have at that time. He has been most helpful in the past with my lower back pain.