Hi everyone, I'm currently too broke to see a doctor if it turns out all I have is a cold and i'm being melodramatic so i thought I'd garner some advice here. I'm a 30 year old woman on lithium, fluoxetine and levoythyroxine but pretty healthy overall and I've developed a very sudden nasty cough. I went to bed feeling fine with a slight itchy throat which i attributed to the dry air and then woke up 6 hours later a feverish, coughing mess. It's day two now and I haven't slept because the coughing fits keep me awake. They are also very painful as in tears streaming down the face painful.  I also have a fever and stabbing abdominal pain and have vomited once and retched and dry heaved plenty of other times because the coughing fits tend to trigger that.  The cough is sometimes dry and at the back of my throat making it red raw or deep down and brings up mucus which is yellowy and stodgy and just now (and what prompted me to make this post) a solid yellowish lump it looked like a very large tonsil stone but i haven't had tonsils in over a decade.

Is this something I need to actually see a doctor about or will a few days of Netflix, duvets and honey and lemon fix me? Any advice even home remedies will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!