My fiance has been messaging other hirls on amd off for our entire relationship. I've been with him for 4 1/2 yrs, engaged, i have 2 daughters from a previous marriage and im currently 11 wks pregnant. Worst time to have found out. He says he never met up with anyone and its like a game to him. He talks to them until he knows he can get them and then he stops. I found a couple of emails from the beginning of our relationship and then nothing until 5 months ago he msgd a couple of prostitutes whilst i was going through miscarrying/ectopic type pregnancy. He said he wrote a couple msgs and then that was it. No money from bank was gone so assume he didnt sleep with them. Then dec opened up ashley madison site and spoke to girls for a wk that i could see and they were fake. Then opened another site late jan and thats when i caught him. Its so disgusting and makes me sick. Hes begging i stay with him and help him to get help with a counsellor but how do you come back from so much betrayal?