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Want to know the effects if a pregnat woman is exposed to Fifth disease?


If you have been exposed to the fifth disease and you already had it as a child, then you are immune to it and will not contract it. In that case, there is no treat to either you nor your baby.

However, if you haven’t had the disease when you were little and were exposed to the disease, you should check things with the doc who’s leading your pregnancy to try to prevent the possible complications in case you contracted the virus.

If you contracted the virus, there is a possibility that your child experiences problems with anemia that could be fatal. This is not so common but it may happen, and this is why you need to work closely with your doctor.

Only 5% of women who contract the virus during pregnancy may suffer from miscarriage or their babies could suffer from life-threatening anemia. It usually happens if a mother contracts the virus during the first half of the pregnancy. If a mother contracts the virus, a fetus may suffer from abnormal pooling of fluid around the heart, lungs or abdomen that result from already mentioned anemia. Most of the symptoms occur until the 10th week and if ultrasound doesn’t show any symptoms by then, then no further testing is usually necessary. Any other birth defects or mental problems have been detected from parvo virus in fetuses.

If there is an outbreak of parvo virus that causes the fifth disease, a pregnant woman should be very careful and regularly wash hands, use her own glasses and utensils, etc