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Sometimes when I hold my urine for a while, and then urinate, my fingers hurt.  It has been happening for many years.  When I was younger, the sensation was almost pleasurable, but now it sometimes hurts or maybe just uncomfortable.  What is this, and what should I do about it?


That is definitely a weird symptom for sure, never heard of that one and i'm usually looking up things for myself or other people, perhaps you shouldn't hold your wee because it can be bad for you to do that, my mum always holds her wee too much because she's too busy watching the tv lol but she ends up almost peeing herself, especially when it comes really fast and i can't hold my wee ever and if i do even for a few mins my belly starts getting heavier and sore so 99% of the time i always go to the toilet as soon as i feel it, go to the toilet when you need it.