Before I start, it's important I say that I'm 13 and male, and I do not wake up to pee. I don't and I can't remember the last time that happened. It's also worth saying that I always get an erection when I go to bed and that my preferred sleep position is on my stomach, facing upwards to the left a little. Anyways, sometimes when my bladder is full I have these dreams where I need to go to the bathroom but when I do I don't actually pee in real life. Then, sometimes once I wake up after the dream I'll feel some pain in that area. Then I go to the toilet and pee which usually gets rid of the pain. I thought that was fine until I started having trouble starting my pee session, which took a little longer than usual. I also thought that was okay, but then this morning, after I had one of the dreams, It took quite some effort to start my pee session. So, do you think the trouble peeing thing is completely unrelated to my dreams and all that other stuff? And regardless, how do you think I can help this?