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i would like to know about first trimester symptoms. my wife is pregant and i would like to know what to expect.


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Different women cope with pregnancy differently, so you may often be surprised.
You didn’t say what you are especially interested in, physical or emotional symptoms, as changes will occur on both fields, and she may need your support especially on the emotional side.

Of course, everything depends on the character, some women carry their pregnancies with ease while others need emotional support.

As for the physical symptoms, the most common are tender breasts, nausea, vomiting. This is all due to hormonal changes. In order to avoid nausea, she may decide to eat smaller, more frequent meals. Other symptoms include fatigue, because of the more blood circulating and heart pumping faster. It is good to have frequent walks during the day and get enough iron and protein.

Dizziness may be present as well as frequent urination from uterus pressing down on bladder. Since pregnant women are prone to UTI, she should urinate as soon as she gets the need.

Her emotions may go crazy as well. Hormones will have an impact on mood swings and you should both know that this is normal. However, if they become too intense, she should talk to her doctor about it.

As for the relationships issues….well you both need to more understanding, patient, honest and supportive. You should make her feel secure and comfortable. Again, this may depend on the character and woman’s needs may differ from one to another. Talk to her about it.

Some women experience slight bleedings and spotting during their first trimester although some women have spotting throughout whole pregnancies. This may be nothing to worry about but it is always better to have it checked the first time she experiences it.