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I am ten weeks pregnant with my first baby. This morning after I peed I notice a few drops of bright red blood. I was intstantly struck with horrible fear and anxiety. I called my midwife and she explained to me that this is not too uncommon for pregnant women and some go on to have healthy pregnancies. She also told me it could very well be an impending miscarriage. Being Saturday I have to wait to go in for an ultra sound. But I am a wreck and have been unable to stop crying especially when five hours later I starte having light cramping. I am wanting to know if anyone has had a similar experience, with light bleeding and light off and on cramping and still gone on to carry a healthy pregnancy. It feels like my world is crashing and I am very far from my family, all alone, as the father left me after discovering my pregancy. It has been extremely difficult and I am so attached to this child. Any one who has been through this or knows of anyone who can offer any words of insight would be greatly appreciated as I play this horrible time game fo waiting. Blessings to everyone !


My friend experienced heavy bleeding in the first trimester. She felt a large clot as she was walking down the street. She also had cramping. She was taken to hospital where she had to stay for a few days and then they released her and everything was just fine. I can't recall what the reason was and if she had to take any medications but she was fine after that and now has a healthy five month old boy.

I myself had cramps (without bleeding though) in the first trimester too and it was nothing, probably just uterus expanding.

Your midwife was right about everything she said. I'm sorry you have to wait for Monday to see what it was but maybe you should have gone to an emergency if the bleeding was heavy and had that checked!

I hope everything turns out ok for you

Good luck!!!