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Hello, I have a question about the flu shot. Can anyone tell me about the flu jab and blood glucose? I was told that if you have diabetes (I have type 2) you should get a flu jab. I'm a bit confused because I know that some people that get a flu shot get the flu. That means you get sick which in reality you are trying to prevent. If you have diabetes and get sick that will affect your blood sugar levels and not for the good. So, are we supposed to hope for the best and get the shot or what? Anyone have any ideas?



Hi, According to the medical community you are entitled to getting a flu jab if you are diabetic, over 65 (elderly), have lung problems, heart, kidney or liver dysfunction, or you are a health worker that is exposed to flu. As you are diabetic your chances of contracting influenza is greater than the general public. You may very well develop pneumonia from your flu infection. An infection of this type makes it very difficult to manage your blood sugar levels. You will tend to experience sugar swings. Beyond possibly getting pneumonia, you could develop heart failure, dehydration and possibly kidney failure. Since you are at greater risk for these complications, it is suggested that you get a flu jab.


Flu vaccines are generally become available during the months of October and November each year. The vaccine is meant to protect you against anticipated viral strains that will occur during that winter. It is best to get your vaccine when they first come available so you will be protected when the virus comes around in mid November. The vaccine can take 2 weeks to fully take effect. The vaccine is injected into your upper arm either intramuscularly or deep subcutaneously. As a type 2, I always get my flu shot and I urge you to do the same.