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Oh, hello, I think I need some help. I'm panicked over blood glucose of 4.9 (A1c). What should I do? Is this really bad and if so what can I do to fix it. I was recently diagnosed with T2. My glucose levels were at 125 a couple of times that week. From what I know (very little) an A1c as low as 4.9 was reason for concern. Something like your body is starving itself. Well, I don't eat much and what I do is is mostly junk food. You know, empty calorie stuff. So can anyone tell me if it is true that having an A1c of 4.9 is bad? Please help!


Hi, I think there's something missing from your story. I'm not sure you are type 2 yet, although you may be pre diabetic. As far as I know a 4.9 A1C is okay and so is 125 sugar levels. These numbers suggest you may have diabetes but otherwise they fall into normal ranges. Are you taking any medications, have you been ill recently or are you on steroids of some kind because any of these items could raise you blood sugar levels but that would only be transient. To know for sure about you sugar levels, there is a test that can be done that might confirm or not your doctors diagnosis.


You might go back to your doctor or perhaps see another one and ask for a 'glucose tolerance test'. This kind of test measures fasting blood sugar levels. Then you need to drink a sweet drink and test your blood again. This should be done at one hour and two hours after the drink. This type of test determine whether you are diabetic or not and it demonstrates how well you are reacting to carbs.

As you mentioned, your diet isn't the best. That's a no no. You need to eat healthy foods starting now. There's not time like the present. And, don't forget to exercise. If you have prediabetes, you may be able to correct this with exercise and diet within a short period of time. As the doctor about this.