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I heard taht alcohol can lower blood sugar.  This is great since I have diabetes and I love to drink a little wine before bed.  I think it would be part of a diabetic's diet.  If it helps lower blood sugar shouldn't it be?  I am going to try it and see if my glucose goes down any.  Has anyone else tried this?  Let me know how it has worked for you.


Hello, Guest... It certainly would not be in your favor to use alcohol to control your blood sugars.  Alcohol is not reliable for lowering sugars and can be unstable. It is not safe to do so.  It is like playing Russian roulette because you never know if an adverse reaction could result.   In moderate amounts, it can raise blood sugars. Once you drink too much, then sugars can drop to dangerous levels.  Alcohol such as wine and beer contain a lot of carbohydrates.  Also it stimulates the appetite and makes you overeat.  It increases triglycerides, blood pressure, and the effects of oral diabetic medications and insulin.  Alcohol is never good for the diabetic patient.  Being intoxicated can mask symptoms of a low blood sugar.   Do not attempt to use alcohol as a way to control blood sugar.  It is dangerous and you risk going into a diabetic coma if you inadvertently drink too much.  Where did you find this misinformation of using alcohol to lower your blood glucose?  It isn't advisable because of the reasons discussed. 

Has anyone tried alcohol to treat their diabetes?  What was the outcome?  Did you end up with a negative reaction to doing so?  Do you attempt to control your blood sugars with alcohol to lower your blood sugars?  Is there anyone who would like to share their stories about using this strategy?