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Lately, I haven't felt well and I having trouble with managing my blood sugar levels. I'm having some pretty stressful times at the moment and I'm wondering if I don't have an infection of some type. I feel like I'm coming down with a cold/flu with aches and pains and chills on and off, but I it doesn't become full blown. What I'm wondering is can infection and stress of sorts effect fasting blood glucose. Because, I think that's what I'm seeing but I'm not sure. This suggests to me that it should be temporary. I hope! I think if it gets worse I have to visit my doctor. Does anyone have any information about this. Thanks.


Okay, so we're looking at infection, stress and raised fasting blood glucose levels. Stress and infections can definitely affect fasting sugar levels and these conditions have been know to raise it. Whether you're diabetic or not stress and infections will raise blood sugar levels. Not only that, but if you're levels become to high or low, this may induce other medical conditions bringing about serious consequences. When you are under stress (could be emotional or physical) and/ or your body has an infection (bacterial, viral etc.), your body tries to cope with these things by secreting hormones and messenger molecules that carry information about getting well. Essentially, the side effect of this is to release glucose into the blood. This glucose is needed to make energy to run metabolic pathways and at the moment particular hormone secretion and immune system activation. This happens to all of us. Now, for the most part a nondiabetic doesn't have a problem but if you are diabetic this could have serious repercussions. Hyperglycemia is just the beginning. If you are diabetic you might experience dizziness, sweating, thirst, fatigue, confusion and possibly anxiety. If stress for what ever reason including an infection continues, you need to get to doctor as soon as possible to avoid any complications.