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So what is the fasting blood glucose levels for diabetic women?  I think it is probably lower for us than for a man.  My husband says his should be between 90 and 100.  So mine will probably have to be 80 to 90?  I would like some advice because I haven't been diagnosed with diabetes but my husband is. I checked my own sugar to see what mine would be and it was 107.  Sounds like I should be going to the doctor huh?


Hello, Guest.  I am glad you are watching your blood sugar along with your husband.  Spousal support is very important when it comes to keeping on track with diabetes planning.  You are right about thinking of seeing a doctor about your blood sugar.  You may want to check your fasting blood sugar again and see if it runs over 100 mg/dl for a second time.  Having fasting blood sugars in this range indicates pre-diabetes.  You will want to see your doctor about it if you have two high values in fasting.  Your doctor may just want you to see a dietician about watching your carbohydrate intake or the doctor may have you cut out on junk food and lose some weight.  Every doctor is different on how they handle their pre-diabetic patients.  Some are lax, others are aggressive in their lifestyle change recommendations.  You may want to increase your activity by adding a 30 minute walk every day and decrease eating high sugar/high fat foods.  Weight loss, even 10 pounds, does wonders for a diabetic in controlling blood sugars.

Would anyone like to share their lifestyle changes in their pre-diabetic condition?  What type of foods did you avoid?  Did you lose weight to help with controlling your blood sugars?  What activity did you add to your daily regimen?