I have a sister with schizophrenia.  Our family has been suffering with her.  Since she turned to 18 years old, her first symptoms was aggressiveness, not able to sleep, stay like statue, talk illogically .  It has been a nightmare to our family.  my dad once thought it was exoticism.   Her mental doctor is giving her medication now. She is able to do her personal needs after meds.  When she skips the meds, the schizo attacks come back.   Her college mates and professor treats her with indifference and this doesn't help her social skill at all.

She has constant mood swing even with medication.  We found out that the food plays a key role for brain reaction on to mood swing.

Processed food, can food  are definitely big NO.     Food with preservative make her whole body itchy with red lumps.  

We are still working on her food list.   So far, the organic food are the best.  Any meat treated with extra hormone are out of the list.     We don't know what poison the industry are adding into our food.  But, we are trying to avoid the food with extra chemicals.   

Has diet restriction helped other schizophrenia patients?  Can you share about your diet list?