Two days ago my mom (age: recently turned 50) was suddenly hit with severe nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and severe dizziness (more specifically what was determined as objective vertigo - seeing the surrounding environment spinning). This happened about an hour or so after eating a microwavable meal at work, so the first reactions to this was just a bad case of food poisoning.

However as the day progressed, the dizziness and nausea continued to get worse and the vomiting also continued. She was taken to the hospital that night and put on an IV drip to keep her hydrated. At the hospital various tests were done to explain what could be wrong but nothing has been discovered so far although the doctors don't seem to believe that it is due to food poisoning.

The results were:
-No fever,
-WBC (White blood cell count) was 18 then decreased to 14 (the average WBC in a "healthy person" is around 7-10),
-CAT scan came back clean,
-No heart problems that can be seen,
-Inner ear has no damage,
-Not on any type of medications,
-No history of cancer or brain damage.

Thankfully the nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting has stopped by the severe dizziness is still present. My mom is still currently in the hospital (hopefully she'll be let out tomorrow...) however the doctors are still unsure of what could be causing the problem.

Does any one have an idea or previous experience with the symptoms described above? I still am leaning towards a more severe case of food poisoning involving some type of bacteria (casing the WBC to elevate), but wouldn't the doctors be able to determine that?

Thank you for any advice or helpful suggestions!