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I have some questions and would appreciate if someone could provide me any answer.
I'm very worried about my son because, two days ago, he was released from school because of strong abdominal pains.
He came home and every since than, he is suffering from abdominal pains and strong diarrhea.
Of course I suspected in food poisoning and I told him what have he eat that day and he told me that he eat some hamburger.
Today, one family friend, who is doctor, told us on the phone that it could be from infection with some bacteria called clostridium and that I should took him tomorrow to see a to doctor.
What should o know about this particular type of food poisoning?


I can say only that this is very common food poisoning among school children because clostridium is commonly seen at schools, camps, banquets, and buffets.
C. perfringens is widely distributed in feces, soil, air, and water.
One thing that is confusing me is that symptoms of clostridium poisoning usually begin 8 to 12 hours after consuming contaminated food (sometimes 6 to 24 hours) and your son felt it after a hour or two.
Good thing about this poisoning is that usually no treatment is needed, other than taking steps to prevent or treat dehydration.
Antibiotics are not useful in Clostridium food poisoning.
That’s why your friend told you that you should contact doctor.
He will give him infusion to compensate the lost fluids in strong diarrhea you mentioned.