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The first time I noticed I was starting to get sick was last Wednesday when I had food from a catering service and an hour later started to feel ill. I held it in and just passed off the feeling as I was really tired and needed to go to sleep as well as it is freezing cold and I'm shivering to death. About 4 hours later the nausea does not go away and I end up throwing up. I immediately feel better afterward and don't think about it anymore. (note: I don't drink alcohol)

The next day, Thursday evening, I start to feel slightly nauseous again with a headache and take some Ibuprofen and don't think much about it and go to bed. The next morning I wake up with horrible stomach cramps, a fever and a headache. But I go to work for 5 hours anyway and then when I get back home I crash out on my bed and fall asleep. At this time I have symptoms of being dizzy, body ache all over, ringing in my ears, earache, a general feeling of fuzzy surroundings, severe fatigue, headache, dehydration, stomachache, chills, fever and nausea. I sleep from about 5pm-9pm, get up and have a small bite of food with great difficulty walking straight and staying upright, then crawl back into bed and sleep till about 7am on Friday all the while going in and out of consciousness due to pain.

Friday I work about 6 hours, barely making it through the day (I probably should not have been driving due to being dizzy as heck but I did anyway), then come home, eat a little bit and crash again. I wake up Saturday morning with some of the same symptoms. Some are gone, and some are still present. I sleep all day just getting up to eat and drink some fluids (not as much as I should have). And I feel a little stronger than I did the past few days. I go to bed. I wake up this morning and it's almost the same thing as Saturday (today is Sunday). As I type this I have a thin layer of cold sweat on my skin, no chills, dry mouth, sore throat, ringing in my ears, dizziness, and if I laid back down I would have a headache and eye ache.

What do you think I have? Food poisoning? A stomach virus? What should I do to get better? I don't have insurance and can't go to the doctor so please give me a home remedy or if you specifically think it's something more serious and I HAVE to go to the hospital please tell me why and what you think I might have.

Thank you.


I am not a medical professional, but I would consider CO2 poisoning or possibly something in your home making you sick? a broken furnace or a gas leak? could be food poisoning, but that seems kind of severe...