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Hello there. This morning in 4:30 am my dog woke me up. He went outside, I don’t know how. Maybe he jumped through the window because it was open. I went outside and I saw that he is eating grass. It was weird to me but not that much. So, I was not worried. A few hours ago I could see that he is vomiting and that he has a diarrhea. I know that those can be symptoms of sick stomach in my dog. I am pretty sure that he didn’t ate anything bad, but I can’t be 100 percent sure.

I was wondering can you tell me some home remedies for dogs with sick stomach.



Good day Inna.


I really hope that my advice can help you. Here is what you should do. You can add a tablespoon of plain, unsweetened yogurt to the food. This will help soothe the stomach and it will replace healthy bacteria in the gut. It also can stimulate appetite in your dog. On a daily basis you should give your dog some probiotic. My advice is FortiFlora, because this product can help minimize digestive episodes in your dog’s life. You can give to your dog pumpkin, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, bananas.

I am sure that you will see results very soon.



Hey there.

Bland diet recipe will help you for sure. You will need boiled rice and white meat chicken or extra – lean hamburger.

This recipe must contain at least 75% of boiled white rice and 25 % of low – fat protein. The rice is the bulk of the meal for the purpose of binding. Meat is mostly in this diet to work as enticing ingredient to encourage your dog to eat.

Chicken is definitely my choice and when I choose it I always take the skin off and I choose chicken with no bones in it.

Do not use any oils.

Your dog needs to drink a lot of water :)



Hello people.

Very often a dog’s upset stomach is no cause for worry. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to react soon and try to heal this.

Here is an advice. A spoonful of yogurt or cottage cheese can help in replacing some of the good bacteria that are lost during this illness. And that is also a cure.

A spoon of canned pumpkin also helps soothe your dog’s upset stomach.

I have heard that ginger root is also helpful but I haven’t tried it. You can find it in capsule form in some pet shops and you can mix it with your dog’s food.



Hello there guys. I got so many remedies for this and I just don’t know how to thank you. I just want to say that I made a mistake at the beginning – I was feeding my dog even if he had upset stomach :/ I was feeding him with some light food and now I can see that this was a mistake since I didn’t see that my dog is feeling better. I like this idea with rice, chicken and yogurt. I will try and I really hope that I will see some progress very soon. Can I give my dog to drink water?


Hey there Inna.

I am sorry because I didn’t answer on your question immediately. I hope that you can understand.

I also believe that your dog is feeling much better now.

Yes, you can never go wrong with rice, chicken meat and yogurt. But yogurt needs to be non – fat one. When your dog has sick stomach, you should not give him water for next 24 hours.

Later you need to give him water but it needs to be fresh and clean.

Medications are helpful as well, but I think that the diet program is the best cure.