Ok so i was having basically a perfect life, going to gym, having good grades at faculty, a rock band with which we started making our own songs and everything was great until i got PNEUMONIA. I had been smoking tobbaco for about 6-7 years a half a pack a day and smoking weed for a year and a half every night before going to sleep. Of course now i was forced to stop. Unfortunately during the period i was sick my parents found out about my weed smoking and now i'll probably won't be able to do it very soon or ever again. I'm feeling very miserable, have slept for 4 -6 hours at best for previous 14 days. My palms are sweating like crazy and heart is beating quicker than usually and what is even more frightening is the fact if i get better i'll have to compensate much for the faculty because i haven't attented the lectures for 2 weeks already and have missed out quite a few things. I feel so miserable and hopeless, any advice please ? I've taken diazepam pills but still didn't get much sleep :(