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My 3 year old son had a swollen head (glans) last week. He also goes to the toilet (urinate) less than 6 times sometimes for the last 4 months. Our doctor advised antibiotics (flemix) for a week and he is better. Our doctor advised further tests (ultrasound and blood to rule out nephritis) and we are waiting for the results.

Should we go for circumcision asap?

Also my wife (my son's mother) noticed white pus like particles come out while my son urinated 3 days back.

Please advise!

Thank you,


Here's what I know about an uncircumcised penis. They must kept very clean. That is, making sure that you are cleaning under, around and beneath the folds of skin. This is really important to prevent infection. I'm feeling like this has gone on too long and you should seek a second opinion before you vote for circumcision. Necrosis, that would be scary and unfortunate. See out other advice from a urologist, who would specialize in this area. Do that now so that this problem will not affect your son's future health. I would be very interested to hear how all of this turns out for you. Good luck !