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I am 16 yr. old boy and my foreskin will pull back but will make penis bend when pulled back too far. Also, my foreskin, when pulled back, springs back forward if I let go. Is this normal? I just started pulling my foreskin back a few years ago because no one told me it had to be pulled back when I was small.


When you say that full retraction causes your penis to bend, I assume you mean bend downward. If so, that is because the frenum (the weblike band or stringon the bottom) is pulling the penis head back on the bottom only, causing it to flair outward along the rim. This is good, and will help block the foreskin from returning to the forward position (covering the head).
You need to keep doing this as often as possible. The errant foreskin CAN be made to stay retracted, if you persist. Good luck.

Here is something I pulled from another forum:

Re: Asian Foreskin Story
I guess they don't see (circumcision) as necessary. For
them it is normal that the glans will be uncovered
after puberty, so what's the fuss? And if it's not,
that's when they think about circumcision.
A close acquaintance of mine is south-east asian
by origin and he told me that he retracted his
foreskin just once - about age 12 - and that's where
it stayed ever since. To him that's just the natural
thing to do. Is it paraphimosis? I don't know and
never will - we're both married family men.


Note: My brother, cousin and I, and others we have met
or heard about later on, did the same thing. But some
of us think it would be better to start earlier, just
as soon as the foreskin is readily retractable.
Mothers, if for whatever reason you are going to delay
or avoid circumcision for your son, consider this cost-
less, painless and totally reversable alternative which
provides all of the same benefits.
Do him an important favor and help him get his foreskin
pulled back off the penis head at the earliest possible
--Charles II