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i am 19yrs old.never had sex. my penis is the problem is the extra skin is accumulating just behind the circumcision scar. that part of the penis is noticably thinner(in circumference) the the base and the middle feels like the blood cant stay in that zone.the accumulation has made a dip there and seems that the part of the penis just behind circumcision scar is a bit dull than the other parts.when it is erect,it does not show that much dip,but still there is one.
can you help me with this plz?? check this image and you'll be clear what i am trying to tell:


For some reason I have a similar situation.

I was not circumcised as an infant. I did go to wearing the foreskin retracted after about age 12.

I had a circ at age 42. The effect of the "dip is possibly more pronounced looking in my case with the low closer to the glans cut.

It would not suprise me if quite a few uncirced have this appearance. It may be caused by the nature of the ridged band and how it looks when foreskin is back- so would be normal and probably vary in degree between individuals.