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Im not sure if i should leave my foreskin retractedas much as possible at night o make it looser but im scared that i might wake up with it swolen so i cant get the foreskin back over.


Im also scared that i might get into an uncofatble posion in the night and i wake up yelling form the paine


You shouldn't really keep your foreskin retracted all night. You can keep it pulled back for a few hours a day while you're going about your everyday tasks.


There is no magic or correct amount of time for that. Many of us feel strongly that its best to keep the foreskin retracted all of the time if possible.


Here is another sory aboutthis. I pulled this message from another forum:

Re: Asian Foreskin Story
I guess they don't see (circumcision) as necessary. For
them it is normal that the glans will be uncovered
after puberty, so what's the fuss? And if it's not,
that's when they think about circumcision.
A close acquaintance of mine is south-east asian
by origin and he told me that he retracted his
foreskin just once - about age 12 - and that's where
it stayed ever since. To him that's just the natural
thing to do. Is it paraphimosis? I don't know and
never will - we're both married family men.


Note: My brother, cousin and I, and others we have met
or heard about later on, did the same thing. But some
of us think it would be better to start earlier, just
as soon as the foreskin is readily retractable.
Mothers, if for whatever reason you are going to delay
or avoid circumcision for your son, consider this cost-
less, painless and totally reversable alternative which
provides all of the same benefits.
Do him an important favor and help him get his foreskin
pulled back off the penis head at the earliest possible
--Charles II

For you guys that are scared you might wake up with an
emergency, first try retracting and then getting a full
erection while you are wake. If no problem after several
minutes or more, there's your answer. Go for it.


i find it quite intersting reading about these comments people have left! circumcision is something i have considered for a while but have looked at other ways to ensure my foreskin is retracted at all times, due to the fact being circumcised now will more than likely come at a cost. anyone who is willing to offer idea's on how to keep your foreskin retracted at all times would be welcome.


One time I said "Screw it" and retracted my foreskin during sleep. When I woke up the foreskin was not retracted anymore.

Best way would probably just retracting it whenever possible.

Sitting in a restaurant... retract your penis.
Sitting in a classroom... retract your penis.

Well, maybe not then, but when you are alone.


Its very well saying retracting it whenever possible but im thinking more along the lines of wanting it to be retracted permanently without having to keep retracting it myself?!


Stgeorge as a guy, you will not be able to keep your foreskin permanently retracted without getting a circumcision. Your skin isn't meant to go that way. Did you know that if your foreskin WAS permanently retracted that the head of your penis would lose sensitivity? Let me know what you think about that.


Hey StGeorge, do you have an update for me? I'd like to hear if it's going well for you or not beinga ble to retract your foreskin. Let me know, okay?


I no people will think I am strange but if you are that desperate to keep your foreskin keep back what I did In the past was you know the disposeable rubber gloves you get for the garden cut the bit that goes atoms your wrist (about 2/3 cm wide). Then male it so the penis is erect and you tuck the ribbed bit under the end of the gland and were the foreskin sits when erect, make sure the excess is going down towards the base of the penis then all you do is tie it up at the back of your penis in a double knot and it will stay there all day if you leave it


Not all foreskins can be worn back for long periods of time without rolling forward again on it's own.

If your foreskin is too tight you may need to practice stretching first.

Otherwise here is the trick....

Usually a foreskin rolls slightly backward and unravels to expose the head of the penis.
What you want to do is to roll it INWARD within it's self. Sounds impossible?

Not if you use the tip of a spoon, and wet it with warm water or lube.
Now pull back your foreskin and using the tip of the wet spoon handle, tuck the skin within itself.
Hold onto the head while you do this until all the skin is tucked in leaving just the head exposed.

It will take practice and time at first, especially underneath near the frenulum.

Once you have tucked all the loose skin underneath the head, it should look exactly like a circumcised penis.
After a while it will get easier to do until eventually it will go to this position almost on its own.

Do not use bands as it will constrict the blood flow for long periods of time.

Here are photos to help explain.


This looks like it will work. Gonna give this a go.

Mine is not tight but I like it worn back, so lots of times it goes back on its own. We'll see...


Tucking the skin inward with a spoon worked really well using a cotton bud and lube instead.


I have been retracting my foreskin for a few years

It stays back after a few hours if i keep pulling it back whenever it rolls forward

nightime i usually pull it back as far as possible and tuck the retracted penis between my thighs and sleep like that and i wake up with the glans nice and silky smooth with foreskin held back behind the head automatically

its moving around that may cause the foreskin to roll forward but when i am not it is ok

keep being persistent i guess

 my glans feels nice exposed