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This happened after sex. It's not stuck per-say. I can freely move it above the head, but when i let it go, it will retract on it's own and since this is the first time i've experienced it, i am very sensitive. It's pretty hard to walk normally. Any suggestions? Will it eventually go back to normal? Ive had sex before and this never happened, so I'm at a loss.

key points: had sex, foreskin retracts on its own and stays there, i dont like it, help.

Thanks for the time.


It might be paraphimosis. That is the opposite of phimosis(when the foreskin cannot be retracted). If it won't go away, go to a doc.


It's not paraphimosis, which is caused by a foreskin that is too tight. It is much more likely that yours is too short, except that I say there is no such thing as a foreskin too short.
Of course it will be hypersensitive at first, until you get used to the new sensation of constant exposure. We all go through that. It will pass.
Consider yourself lucky. Most of us would like to have a foreskin as short as yours, but we had to work at keeping ours retracted.
I pulled this message from another forum:

I guess (Asians) don't see (circumcision) as necessary.
For them it is normal that the glans will be uncovered
after puberty, so what's the fuss? And if it's not,
that's when they think about circumcision.
A close acquaintance of mine is south-east asian
by origin and he told me that he retracted his
foreskin just once - about age 12 - and that's where
it stayed ever since. To him that's just the natural
thing to do. Is it paraphimosis? I don't know and
never will - we're both married family men.


Note: My brother, cousin and I, and others we have met
or heard about later on, did the same thing. But some
of us think it would be better to start earlier, just
as soon as the foreskin is readily retractable.
Mothers, if for whatever reason you are going to delay
or avoid circumcision for your son, consider this cost-
less, painless and totally reversable alternative which
provides all of the same benefits.
Do him an important favor and help him get his foreskin
pulled back off the penis head at the earliest possible
--Charles II