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Im 15 and first pulled my foreskin back at late 13 and since then my foreskin has been red as long as i remember
Im unsure what to do and only want to go to a doctor if essential as uncomfortable talking to parents about it



Hi you should get it checked out with the doctor, question is it itchy around the foreskin area? Some symptoms I've heard of are itchy red foreskin and this is caused by a penile yeast infection. If you do have this don't worry you doctor will provide you with ointment to put on the infected area and it should clear up within 7 days!

Best of luck!


yea mate, i started wen i was 13 properly getting it all the way back,
and when its on full erect, the head is huge an dark red (filled with lots of blood in other words)
but if i masturpate fast, it pretty much sorts it an it goes small agen, but upon ejaculation,
it goes huge an dark red again,
no inchyness or anything, but i think that is causin a problem with the strip of skin connecting the head to the foreskin bit, an it cant be stretched to far while its big an red :-(