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Hi, i've recently learned how to retract my foreskin in flaccid and when erect mostly in showers, but heres my problem, when i'm erect and pull my foreskin back behind the glans it forms a ring that looks like it's filled with air, kinda like a bubble, qnd my foreskin stays back holding when i do it this way, but when i fold this ring its like the foreskin jumps inside out and becomes all wrinkly and dosent stay back but rolls up and covers the glans, so my question is; 1. Is this normal?

2. I dont like it either way when pulled back it both looks weird(not like it's supposed to?) how do I fix this?

3. How do I get the wrinkled skin to stay behind head, and can i reduce the wrinkles?

Please help me, I feel like it's not right. Thanks



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Hey there it's difficult today because I can't actually see what you are describing.   From the sounds of it everything is normal. Everyone's foreskin is a little different and some are longer than other. And some people's penises are longer so when they are erect the foreskin automatically pulls back and stays back .  Other people sndont .   Also is your foreskin tight at all making it harder to pull back?   Finally there is a thin strip of skin connecting your foreskin to the bottom side of your penis.  This is your frenulum and it's job is suppose to pull your foreskin back over the glans or head of the penis to protect it.  Sometimes this string is tighter/shorter than normal they are called frenulum breve or short frenulum... you could google images and see if yours looks similar compared to a normal penile frenulum. I would look up images of erect uncircumcised penises and see i any look similar you will see there are lot some of variations.