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My foreskin is stuck below the head on the shaft, where the shaft is ravelling up and not allowing my foreskin to go back over, its flaccid and I cannot get an erection, ive left it over night and there is no swelling but my penis size is considerably smaller than normal when its flaccid, this has never happened before please help!


You are blessed with a protective, highly-innervated, erogenous foreskin. Many unforeskinned guys would envy your foreskin. You display great wisdom in wanting to avoid circumcision,

You should thank your parents for protecting your physical integrity. Because of your physical integrity you will be able to have sex the way nature intended it.

Paraphimosis is the name of the condition of a retracted foreskin that is stuck behind the glans penis (head) of the penis and will not go forward. One can read about paraphimosis on the Internet.

If the foreskin is tight enough it can cut off blood circulation to the head and cause edema (swelling due to fluid accumulation). Paraphimosis should be promptly reduced when it occurs. Paraphimosis may be reduced by squeezing the head of the penis really hard to force the blood to leave the head. This will reduce the size of the head temporarily at which time the foreskin may be brought forward.

If attempts to reduce the paraphimosis are unsuccessful, then one should go to the emergency room of a nearby hospital.

Do NOT let anyone sell you a circumcision. It is not necessary.

You should stretch the tip of your foreskin to make it wider so this does not reoccur.

Search the Internet for:

“How to Fix Phimosis and Tight Foreskins, Solutions That Work”