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About a month ago my husband found a roundish lumpy mass just above my vaginal area under the skin. Then yesterday I found another one just to the left of the first one but it is a bit larger than the first one. I wasn't worried about the first one until I found this one. It feels almost like a massy sac that is under my skin. I also have another one inside my mouth just under my left jaw bone. The first two I mentioned are in my pubic hair area.

I have been all over the internet and back looking for answers. I saw a post made back in July about someone asking the same question but no one seemed to answer her. I cant get in to see my gynecologist until the end of December. Is there anyone out there that have these and can shed some light for me?

I am panicking thinking I got cancer or something.


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I am not sure if these are the same but I had hard lumps in my groin area. They were deep under the skin, like a ball or something. It turned out they were cysts, accumulation of sebum and bacterial infection under the skin. I managed to get rid of them by taking oral antibiotics and applying antibiotic ointment to the area.

You don't have to wait for the gyn's appointment, you could also see a GP.

I can't relate to those bumps in your mouth though.