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I don't know where to start.

First my penis showed signs of something similar to skin irritation/bruise. One side of the foreskin, once pulled down was visibly thicker than on the other side.It went away after some time.

Then I noticed few things at the same time:

- white-pus-filled zit-like bump on the shaft. The strange thing is exactly same "zit" appeared on my elbow.

I put some ointment, which is supposed to be good against yeast-infections and various skin conditions, on both "zits". The one on the elbow disappeared, but the one on the shaft didn't, so I popped it.  Lot's of creamy-white pus came out (it had volume of almost one small spoon).

- I think  the number of pearly penile papules on the crown of my penis has increased. I had just few of them, but they were rather big (I think so, I never paid them too much attention) and now I have lots of smaller ones. I also noticed a little of brown liquid coming out of one of them. This happened 3 days ago and hasn't occurred again.

- The skin on the shaft of my penis is kind of dry.


I am 23-year-old and sexually active.


Some parts of your body, including the area you're talking about, contain sebum. Sebum is a white substance that prevents the area to dry out and it also prevents infections. Whenever you have these bumps, all you have to do is make sure you wash these parts too. I don't think something's wrong with you and I assure you the white bumps will go away if you keep washing this area correctly too.