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i am 17 male. i don know why does pimples it because
1. i spend a lot of time infront my pc ?
2. i go to bed very very late ?
3. i think a lot bout my study ?
4. i musterbute 2/3 a week ?
5. i see a lot of porno on net ?
how many time a week a teen should musterbute


Pimples have anything to do with masturbation, stress, watching porn, going late to bed, etc
Pimples form when the production of sebum is too big. Sebum is an oily substance produced by the oil glands under the skin that serves to lubricate the skin. The ducts that sebum uses to get out may block sometimes and this blockage causes sebum accumulation under the skin causing a pimple. If bacteria is present down there, it makes things worse.

Basically there is nothing we can do to prevent pimple formation. The only thing we can do is keep our skin clean, wash it every day with mild soaps, do not touch out face with out fingers that have bacteria on, do not pick our face, etc

This can lessen the risk of pimples or can make them go away sooner.



Diet plays a very important part in regulating sebaceous glands under skin. What I realized over many years is that two category of foods "creates" acne. One is spicy food and the other is sweet food. When I eliminated these from my diet acne occurrence significantly reduced. You have to clearly identify the kind of find that spurt your acne. For me, Green/Red Chillies and Sweet Stuff like Sugar, Chocolate, Soft Drinks, are a big No. The beneficial foods are citrus food like Lemon and Orange and Vit-A Oriented Veggies, Carrots etc have lots of these everyday. They help your skin become fresher and help combating the bacteria under skin that activate sebaceous glands. Add to diet some exercise that makes your skin sweat, The more you sweat the better it is for your skin to eliminate toxins under the skin. Stress does trigger sebaceous glands into high activity, negate that with some rest and meditation. Drink lots of water (at least 10 glasses per day).  Wash your face with mild soap/face wash whenever you are back from outdoors and if your face gets oily. All face creams/lotions that promise acne reduction are big gimmicks, they only address the surface problem not the deep root problem, dont waste money on those.

Its tough, but try the above for 6-8 months with dedication, surely it will help your problem anywhere between 25-100%.

You could try a last resort of taking accutane dose for 3-6 months to eliminate acne.

Live a wonderful life! (sure you will. I am telling this by experience :))



so how can we remove pimple