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I’m 14-year-old schoolboy. My best friend, who was very happy and full of life, suddenly changed. I didn’t know what the reason was. He was quiet and sad most of the time. I recently find out that his father has a Freiberg’s disease. I don’t know a much about medicine and such diseases but, name of the disease sound terrible. I assume that this one is serious because my friend not once told me anything about it. He is avoiding talking with me about his father. What causes this disease? Is it curable? Is there any way for me to help my friend?


I can see you’re worried about your friend but you shouldn’t worry too much.
This is not so serious disease.
It’s about problems with his finger joints, most often on legs. Freiberg's disease is a crushing type of osteochondritis.
Osteochondritis is inflammation of bones and surrounding cartilage. The patients often complain about forefoot pain, especially at the extremes of joint motion. It can be treated surgically very successfully.
There is a set of operations, which can bring back his father to normal life.