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Haven't seen another topic for this or any other information for the problem which I think I have have so I will have a go at explaining it..

Okay so I have been looking at some images of "The perfect penis" to compare with and I think my penis isn't so perfect. Now I think my problem is with the frenulum, unlike all the images I have seen, mine goes to the tip/hole of my penis head. So my question is, is that normal?

It causes slight problems like a discomfort feeling when pulling the foreskin back which only just goes to my over the head before it becomes too uncomfortable. My penis just doesn't look right because of this what I presume is a weird frenulum.

So is this normal, if not any advice on how to fix it


You're right, you don't have the "perfect penis". No one does.

There's a LOT of variation in how a penis appears, color, length, shape, head... Just like there's a lot of variation in how toes, fingers, noses and lips appear.

The fact that you can retract the forskin is good, but everyone has varrying degrees of attachment.

If you feel strongly that you need treatment for this, your family doctor may be able to advise you. However, I wouldn't worry about this for several years.

Of course, you can bring this up at your next regular doctors visit in private and see what they say.

Good luck. Don't worry.